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Fires are caused by many sources.

Some are acts of humans.

Others are forces of nature.

Nikki is a professional tattoo artist at

The Tattooed Lady in Zimmerman, MN.

     Creating art is a significant method in which I use to navigate the world and my internal conflicts. I work primarily with paint and mixed drawing media. I'm also a tattoo artist at The Tattooed Lady in Minnesota and enjoy that, through my tattoos, my art becomes a physical part of someone else. A bond is created between myself as an artist and the client whose skin becomes permanently embedded with my work.

     My work revolves around exploring my own sense of identity, the human body, and our connection to the natural world around us. I enjoy manipulating the human figure, combining it with elegant floral imagery, and experimenting with landscape elements. I seek to create a narrative between ourselves and the environment in which we live.

Awards & Recognition

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