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Social Painting Class with The Tattooed Lady

Today we hosted our very first social painting class with The Tattooed Lady at the beautiful Nelson Nursery Garden Center of Zimmerman, MN!

panoramic view of the action

It was a fantastic turnout, and we had a blast. We're thankful for everyone who joined us, and we really appreciate the Nelson's Nursery folks for allowing us to use their space! They helped out tremendously.

obligatory selfie during our class

The paintings were beautiful, and we could not have picked a better day for our first session, especially considering the gorgeous weather! I had a good time helping teach such an energetic group of people.

my finished piece from the social class

We'll be starting up bi-monthly painting classes, with our next one taking place on June 1st. Watch for The Tattooed Lady's emails if you're part of the mailing list, or you can check Sonia's website for details.

On another note, for those of you in the area, Nelson's Nursery officially opens their gardening section for the season on April 12th, and they have a lot of cool stuff already set up! Growing season is upon us, and art is in the air!


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